Trilogy Series


Capacities up to 990 bushels/hour

M-C Partners with PERC
to Develop Vacuum Cool Profile-style Dryer


Energy Efficient Vacuum Cooling
Vacuum Cooling reclaims heated air from cooling the grain and results in less fuel usage and significant dollar savings. After blending with ambient air drawn from outside, the pre-heated air is returned to the blower, lowering energy consumption and producing maximum efficiency.

Multi-Mode 3-in-1 Flexibility. Dry in your choice of 3 available modes:
• Full Heat
• Heat/Cool
• Heat/Vacuum Cool
No matter how you need to dry, M-C has you covered! Easiest profile dryer in the industry to change between drying modes.

Single-Mode Vacuum Cooling

Realize energy efficiency 100% of the time in this dedicated Vacuum Cool Dryer. Vacuum cooling is key to the popularity and success of M-C’s Tower Series dryers. Now, that technology is available in the Trilogy Series low profile dryer style!


M-C and PERC join forces to create M-C’s low profile-style vacuum-cool grain dryer….



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