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M-C is proud to introduce the Next Generation Legacy. This new product aligns its features and operation with the technological advancements available today and offers producers and commercial grain facility operators something that has not existed until now: a ‘profile’ style dryer with the advantages, features and overall operational efficiency associated with a tower-style dryer. The Next Generation Legacy Series high capacity grain dryers may be used for dry and cool or all-heat operations. Legacy Series is  expandable* by adding additional modular sections. Quality construction and factory assembly of the M-C Legacy Series means quick field setup with a minimum of crane time and labor. 

l1000_section_view_arrows_webDrying Zone -Legacy 

Multiple Zone Drying

Years of research, development and testing have led to the principle of Multiple Zone Drying, which offers flexibility to your grain handling and management system. With Multiple Zone Drying, the highest temperatures are applied to the wettest grain as it enters the drying columns. A gradual reduction in temperatures completes the drying process, improves grain quality and saves energy. If more cooling is needed, the heat zones become cooling zones by shutting off the burner. M-C dryers feature a burner in the cooling section that allows for all heat operation or warm grain discharge. 


Next Generation Legacy Series Features

Full Color p2020 transparentPINNACLE 2020 Remote Cabinet - New Legacy Version

Pinnacle 20|20 Control System 

M-C’s new PLC-based dual 10″ touch screen interface with easy navigation to all controls within two touches



M-C Trax

M-C Trax Remote Monitoring

Allows you to monitor critical dryer data from anywhere

15-30hp Base Fan Group Assembly_Side_view

Ultra Quiet – Commercial grade inline belt-driven centrifugal fans 



ultra quiet operationUltra Quiet Operation – Easily hold a conversation standing right next to the dryer



Highly efficient, low pressure, stainless steel & cast aluminum burner(s)


Adjustable vaporizer Vaporizer adjustability

Adjustable vaporizers that are easy to access from outside the dryer


 Plumbing Design Next Gen LegPlumbing Design

Simple burner gas train with single manifold


Ladder, safety cage and wide rear platform New Screen Cleaning Walkway platform

Ladders, safety cages and wide rear platform for easy, safe service access 


Dual hopper walkway option Peak and hopper walkway (full walkway option shown)



Heavy duty welded steel base

Heavy-duty welded steel base


Models Available Available with .050″, .063″ & .094″ perforated screens in 7 model sizes 


Expandable* – Add modules to increase drying capacity

*Confirm expansion capabilities by model with your M-C Dealer. 


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